Bespoke Build: Argon 18/Ultegra 6800 Groupo

Cascadia Wheel Co.


Standards are essential for mass-produced products like bicycle components; they are precisely crafted so pieces can fit together as seamlessly as possible. However, due to variation between manufacturer tolerances, sometimes components need to be adjusted in order for standardized parts to be installed. A custom bicycle build isn’t just a matter of bolting jewelry to a frame. It takes time, spec references, and multiple minute adjustments to make sure that each individual piece will work flawlessly with the rest: no creaks, no hangups, no blemishes. Each component should contribute to the overall aesthetic of the bicycle as a whole. Speed and weight may be important in cycling, but what’s the point if you don’t look good doing it?

The time lapse of this build is a quick look at about 4 hours of work; it takes time to make sure that each build leaves the shop in perfect working order.


Photo Credit: Gabe Rhee

Joey Mullan

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