New: Build No. 4

Cascadia Wheel Co.

I am happy to say I have pinned down a solid build for the “Stock Build” line-up. It took a few months of sampling products, a few builds, and many long rides, but I am pleased to say I have finally dialed in the spec’s for disc road & ‘cross.


Build No. 4

-25mm Wide, 28mm Deep | Disc Specific Rims | Tubeless Ready | 28 hole | Black
-Laser Engraved | Centerlock | Shimano 10/11 | Black  | 12 x 142mm / QR
-Laser Engraved | Centerlock | Black | 15mm Thru /12mm Thru / QR
-Sapim D-Light Spokes |  Black | 3-Cross Fr. & Rr.
-Sapim Brass Nipples | 14mm | Black
-I.W.C. Tubeless Rim Tape


I’ve designed this set to be hearty enough to pull double duty. A wheelset with no weight penalty for road riding, but with durability in mind for ‘cross.

‘Cross specific rims on the market that are super-light are too flimsy and not provide enough stiffness to run high pressure tires for road. While road specific rims do not have a wide enough internal width to provide tire stability for ‘cross.

This is a happy medium build that excels in both categories. If you are looking for something a bit lighter that will  add some speed on the road, Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes bring the weight down to ~1,620g and add more aero properties to an already, nimble build, without sacrificing any strength.

Email:  for more information or to get an order started.

Joey Mullan

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