Pacific Northwest Track Wheelset: 80mm of Carbon Speed 

Cascadia Wheel Co.

In the Pacific Northwest, we have quite the list of talented riders. They are either growing into their shoes, current and “killing it,” or in the record books.

Alfredo Ramirez has been a well-known cyclist for the last decade. Coming from Mexico and its strong passion for cycling, he has quickly come up in all disciplines of riding: road, cyclocross, mountain, and most recently, track. With all of that experience, he has developed strong parameters for what equipment he wants to use for racing.

He recently developed a love for track racing since he discovered that his high wattage and slower cadence make for some outstanding results. As he progressed over recent months, it became necessary to think more tactically about his track bike, in addition to his training. In order to maintain his momentum so he could sprint for the bell lap, Alfredo decided he was looking for a deep section wheelset at a reasonable price, and reached out to me to talk through a few options.

After a little back and forth, he and I both agreed on 80mm carbon tubulars as the component to build around. From there, I recommended that we go with a high flange on both the front and rear hub. Weight was less of a concern with the carbon rims, so power transfer and stability were the focus, both of those being key when holding a line in a corner.

The spokes ultimately chosen were 14g with 14mm brass nipples. Not the lightest setup, again, but extremely durable and stiff, with 28 of them front and rear.

Alfredo has already made an impression on and off the track with his fellow racers. He has placed 1st in a scratch and 1st in a points race. Along with a few 3rd places, too, he is quickly making his way up through CAT 4’s to the 3’s. Good job Alfredo, I can’t wait to see what else you can accomplish on the new wheels!

Joey Mullan

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