ENVE XC Build for a West Coast ‘Crosser with East Coast Skill

Cascadia Wheel Co.

Stephanie White is a long-time bike racer who loves riding mountain, but has also been known to dabble in the cross racing scene. She got into cycling younger than many; while we were playing tag and watching terrible kids cartoons, she and her sister were out in the woods learning how to mountain bike. Together, they put adults to shame with their ability to hold and make up new lines on the trail. This is how they eventually came to love cross: all the suspense of a mountain bike, while having fun making others suffer.She’s a strong rider that isn’t afraid to get muddy, go fast, and take chances.


All of that being said, she needs equipment that is not only going to propel her to the podium, she wants it to last through the next 4 months of mud, pressure washers, off-cambers, deadheads, and beer spray as the Cat 1/2 women racers are cheered on passionately by ‘cross hardcore spectators.

New equipment for Steph came in the form of two 280g carbon tubular rims (ENVE XC carbon tubular rims, to be more specific). She came upon them from a friend who cut out the hubs from the wheelset and passed the rims along to her. A great opportunity to ride some of the best rims made, and the price was right, too.  These rims are no longer made, or really, they are now just called the ENVE CX. These were ENVE’s step into short track mountain bike and cyclocross tubular rims. they are not only one of the lightest production rims, they are resilient in tough riding situations and incredibly stiff, especially when paired with the correct hubs.

Stephanie came to me a few months back saying she would like to use these rims for the upcoming season, so I started putting in the research for a few different build options. We settled on my house brand hubs as they have some of the tallest flanges (tall flanges make for short spokes lengths and a stiffer wheel altogether), high quality Enduro bearings, and 6-pawl engagement for responsiveness on the course. All of those components and the price fit in her budget so tires, rotors, etc. did not have to be skimped on.


Wheelset Specs:

  • ENVE XC Rims 28/28H
  • IWC | 100x15mm TA Front Hub | 6 Bolt
  • IWC | 12×142 TA Rear Hub | 11s Shimano/SRAM | 6 Bolt
  • Sapim D-Light Spokes
  • ENVE/Sapim Internal Brass Nipples
  • 1,358g


  • SRAM Centerline 2 Piece Rotors  | 160/160mm | Ti-Bolts
  • Clement PDX Tubular Tires
  • CX Tape | Vittoria Mastik | Belgian Style Glue Job
  • Zipp 15mm Valve Extenders



We’d wish Stephanie good luck in the ’16-’17 cyclocross season, but we know she doesn’t need it. Keep the rubber side down, be swift, and make other people hurt!



Joey Mullan

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