Updated Freehubs and Decals.

Cascadia Wheel Co.

There having been some running changes at Indigenous Wheel Co. We now offer new decal options and updated Shimano/Sram freehub bodies.

The new decals work well with 30mm+ deep rims and are sure to add a subtle pop to your ride. Of course, I still offer the original the rim bed option finish.


Sidewall decals on 35mm premium carbon hoops to Chris King R45’s.



Inlay decals to Build 1: 22mm Road/Cyclocross alloy wheelset

All wheels now come stock with updated freehubs bodies. A new anti-bite guard has been utilized to prevent marring of the freehub body. This will leave your freehub unscathed and easy to remove and install cassettes with consistent ease.


Durability at minimal weight.

Joey Mullan

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