Surly Big Dummy & a 1,500 Watt Motor

Cascadia Wheel Co.

It seems as though grocery-getting and errand-running by bike is becoming a more popular option in Tacoma, WA. With the cargo bike gaining notoriety for its exceptional lugging skills, having a little extra “help” up the hills is undoubtedly something many have considered. In this particular case, a 2.011533 hp motor is more than adequate for commuting around Tacoma.

The parts on the bike are nothing special. No lightweight parts, just durable alloy and steel.

-Shimano Deore Crank

-Avid BB7 Mtn. Disc Brakes

-Avid FR-7 Adjustable Brake Levers

-Sun Ringle´ Front hub to CR18 32 Hole Rim

-Thomson X4 Stem to Surly 666mm Wide Handlebars

-Cardiff Leather Grips and Saddle

-Schwalbe Table Top Tires with Stan’s Race Sealant in 2.5mm Thick Tubes

-Shimano Altus 3×7 Speed Shifters and  Rear Derailleur / Shimano Deore Front Derailleur


The first test ride was more than successful. With the highest power setting selected, the bicycle was easily capable of achieving 55 km/hr. The looks my way while I was test-riding this bike were hilarious, to say the least. There was no sensation of disconnect from the bicycle as a rider when at upper end of the motor’s range; it was very easy to ride and control. With all of the electronics stowed in one of the pockets of the rear bag, the center of gravity is placed low and makes the bike more manageable to handle.

Joey Mullan

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