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Custom Build: 2014 Spooky Skeletor Road Frame

You have a cycling problem and your next bike should be a custom build.

Orange Audax

" It was made years ago before this build. It hung incomplete off a wall by the owner, never ridden."

Modern Styling with a Classic Touch

What were wheels like before black? Subtle? Flashy? Boring? Undesirable?

SOLD: Pavé SL Tubeless Wheelset | 11 Speed

Remember the Campagnolo high-flange Sheriff hubs? They were loud, oversized, and created a stiff build for that era of wheels....

Chris King: It’s an investment.

"...they are not just an expensive piece of jewelry to hang off your bike, but an investment that you can move to each new project."

Premium Carbon Rim Brake Builds

Premium Carbon wheel offerings by Indigenous Wheel Co.

IWC: Premium Carbon Build No. 1

" can be hard to know how to spend your hard earned money to try to get the best ride quality, results, and let's face it, aesthetics out of your bike."

Now Shipping in the Immediate 48!

I’ve had a lot of out-of-state interest in the last few months, and to safely get the wheels where they...

New: Build No. 4

I am happy to say I have pinned down a solid build for the “Stock Build” line-up. It took a...

SOLD! : HED Belgium C2 Alloy Tubular Wheelset

Light, Durable, and 'Cross Ready.

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