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Strong & Light: Hodala Carbon SSCX

"If something is light, it has to be fragile, right? Sometimes, I guess..."

New Storefront!

"When I wasn't wrenching, I was building out the shop, and when I wasn't building out the shop, I was wrenching."

Stupid Big Tires

" wide tires drew a few double-takes from the roadie crew, but after taking a few pulls, no one could find issue with my riding."

Single Speed Cyclocross: Project Nope

"...with input and trust from rider to builder, we both have bike we can be proud of."

Updated Freehubs and Decals.

"We now offer new decal options and updated Shimano/Sram freehub bodies."

Twin Six: Not your Standard Rando

"The word covet is a great start to describe how you should feel about this bike."

‘Cross is Coming

"To get yourself into shape for 'cross, you are eventually going to have to ride your damn 'cross bike"

One By: An Upgrade Story.

"Really, it's mostly about finishing the race without worrying about your gear."

“New to You” Custom Build: Van Dessel Aloominator

"...within two weeks, I had the parts and frameset in hand, ready to build. "

Rodeo Labs & A Truly New Category of Swiss Army Bike: Trail Donkey 2.0

But what happens when you take a 'cross-like geometry, add modern materials with some of the newest tooling, and build a frame that is one of a kind?

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