John Wolters, Tenspeed Hero Rider, and His Build #1

Cascadia Wheel Co.

Last year, John Wolters was tasked with beating up and wearing out of one of my original wheelsets. They have been put through many adventures and miles throughout Washington and beyond. From the backroads of Skagit Valley, to the rough roads of Tacoma, and even on some daunting climbs of the volcanos in Maui, they have been through a lot. Cady Chintis, John’s wife and fellow Tenspeed Hero Rider, has put them through their paces, too, in the Portland Brevet, and her Rapha Womens’ 100 training rides near Seattle.

Since then, John has found himself needing another wheelset for his Parlee cyclocross bike. He was looking for a few key attributes: wide, light, and tubeless-ready. I could give him all three, and more. My “Stock Build 1” was his choice.

There’s always a bit of personalization I take pride in when building wheels. Even if they are a standard build, I make sure they are unique to you. I log all builds in a master list to keep track of parts: spokes lengths, hubs, rims, and any extras that come with your wheel.

John’s Parlee turned out very well. All black, very bold, and more durable now, compared to his previous wheels. I wish him many great adventures with this wheelset, and I know that they will carry him there and back with success.



Thank you to Cady Chintis for letting me use her photos to make this post more visual. Follow her her instagram at see_a_d_why .

Joey Mullan

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